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TeacherCast Podcast #75 “Wanderful Storybooks” (@WanderfulBooks)

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Jeff sits down with Mickey Mantle, and Lucinda Ray to discuss the many ways students and teachers are using interactive storybooks in their classroom.



About Wanderful

Wanderful develops multilingual interactive storybook apps based on the award-winning titles originally published by Living Books.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Wanderful delivers imaginative, engaging and fully interactive experiences for young and emerging readers, inspiring them to explore the magical worlds of story and language. Founded by Mickey W. Mantle, the former Broderbund CTO who oversaw the technology development for the original Living Books, and with creative direction from Mark Schlichting, noted pioneer of the children’s multimedia and interactive design industry and the creator of Living Books, Wanderful’s goal is to bring outstanding interactive storybooks to a new generation of kids on the latest multi-touch tablets and mobile devices.

The first five titles on the iOS platform are children’s classics: Aesop’s “The Tortoise and the Hare,” Mercer Mayer’s “Little Monster at School,” Marc Brown’s “Arthur’s Teacher Trouble,” Mark Schlichting’s “Harry and the Haunted House” and Stan and Jan Berenstain’s “The Berenstain Bears Get In a Fight.”

Like the original Living Books, Wanderful interactive storybooks are designed with input from teachers to best address the learning styles of young and emerging readers. We’ve also worked with educators to develop Classroom Activities guides to bring the Wanderful interactive storybooks to life for your students. Each guide is filled with activities aligned with the new Common Core State Standards to help teachers integrate these products into the curriculum.

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Mickey Mantle sets strategic vision and oversees day-to-day operations for Wanderful. Mickey had the foresight to license the exclusive rights to the beloved Living Books series of interactive storybooks, and revive these titles and others as enhanced mobile apps, as well as for the latest and popular versions of Mac and Windows computers.






Lucinda Ray, educational consultant and editor for the Classroom Activities for Wanderful, has alternated throughout her career between classroom teaching and educational software development.

After many years as a middle school and high school English teacher and drama director in Massachusetts and Vermont, she joined Brøderbund in 1993 as Education Product Manager. During her years at Brøderbund, she managed the development and editing of more than 60 Teacher’s Guides to accompany Brøderbund and Living Books programs. The Living Books products were among her favorites, and she is delighted to be working again updating the materials for classroom teachers that she developed initially for Living Books.


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