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TeacherCast Podcast #73 “From Young Educator to Keynote Speaker” (@teambond @ruriknackerud @mbteach @pottsedtech)

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Jeff sits down with Jennifer Bond, Mary Beth Hertz, Diana Potts and Ruick Nackerud to discuss the process from Young Educator to Seasoned Presenter in the second of our ISTE YEN podcasts.


Featured Topics

Starting out as a Young Educator
Attending Conferences/Edcamps/Conventions
Preparing for Professional Development as a YEN
What to bring with you as a conference attendee
Finding the right conferences to attend

The transition from a young educator to an educational leader.
Presenting within your own building – a first step to leadership
Preparing for Conferences as a presenter?
Presenting at Conferences both large and small
Finding your conference to present at?
Writing course descriptions
Learner to Leader – Leader to Learner.

Helpful Hint Podcasts: Branding yourself as an educator
Making a business card
Interacting at conferences
Networking basics
How to present yourself professionally as you build your digital footprint
Stepping beyond your comfort zone – Edcamp to ISTE center-stage

Ideas: Easier to be a presenter at ISTE vs District or vice versa.
Babysteps towards stepping out:
Leaping out:
Linking it all together through personal educator branding.

Featured Guests

Jennifer Bond is a third grade teacher who loves to integrate technology, creativity, and passion into her teaching. She loves cheering others to technology integration, especially about edmodo, in which she is a certified trainer.  Jennifer has presented at many conferences around Michigan, as well as ISTE.  She tries to incorporate technology and creativity throughout the day in her classroom and utilizes web-based tools such as twitter, Skype, Google Apps, and edmodo to engage her students and build connections with classrooms and professionals all around the globe!  BYOD in her classroom will be featured in the documentary, Look I’m Learning, which highlights the use of technology in lower elementary classrooms. The full length documentary is due out in January 2013 and will be presented at many of the technology conferences around the nation this spring.  Jennifer has also been involved with DestinationImagiNation, a global creative problem solving competition, since 1999. She also serves on her children’s district’s technology committee, as a bond was just passed for 15 million dollars, and will be a tech coach for her district this year.


Rurik Nackerud is an enthusiastic educator committed to building positive relationships with students, families, and the community. Currently he works as an online educator though his passion is for face-to-face blended learning environments. He has the honor of attending Portland State University as a doctoral student in curriculum and instruction as well as a graduate research assistant. His current research ranges from “Closing the Achievement Gap,” assessing 1:1 iPod initiatives, and his true passion; game-enhanced learning experiences. In June of 2011 he had the honor of presenting a poster session at the International Society for Technology in Education conference on a virtual worlds enhanced curriculum he enacted as a student teacher. He co-authored a chapter on adopting serious games in education and plans to continue research and writing in this thrilling field. Enjoy his random thoughts on education at http:rurik.nackerud.net or connect with him via twitter @ruriknackerud or through the ISTE Ning: http://www.iste-community.org/profile/rurik


Diana Potts is currently a teacher at a K-6 school in central New Jersey. Her education includes a BA in history, MA in Elementary Education and a MS in Instructional Technology. In addition to teaching Science and Social Studies, Diana plays an active role in her school’s technology integration. Her professional interests include teacher centered professional development,  arts integration, problem based learning and STE(A)M support in schools.  You can find Diana atpottsedtech@gmail.com

twitter: pottsedtech

Blog: http://pottsedtech.blogspot.com


Mary Beth Hertz is a K-8 Technology Teacher and Certified Instructional Technology Specialist in Philadelphia, PA. She blogs regularly for Edutopia about Technology Integration, co-moderates the weekly #edchat conversation, and is the Treasurer of the Edcamp Foundation Board. Ms. Hertz has presented at a number of conferences and in 2010 she was named an ISTE Emerging Leader. She also blogs at http://mbteach.com and you can find her on Twitter as @mbteach.

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