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TeacherCast Podcast #81 “The Ever Changing World of EBooks” (@Mackin_Talk)

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Jeff sits down with Randal Heise to discuss how Mackin is changing the way educators across the world are using ebooks in their classrooms thanks to MackinVIA.


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About MackinVIA

For close to 30 years, Mackin Educational Resources has provided library/classroom materials for grades PK-12. Working with over 18,000 publishers and a database of more than 2.5 million titles, Mackin supplies print books, ebooks, online educational databases, audio books, video resources and more, along with eResource management and custom collection analysis services. Additionally, they have created an eReader app for the iPad and Droid tablets enabling customers to access their digital content from their own mackinVIA cloud account to be read online or offline.

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Randal Heise 150Three decades ago, Randal Heise and his wife and business partner, Kitty Heise, set out to create a book distribution companythat would offer students, teachers, schools and school libraries a single-source for the most coveted and resourceful titles available to elevate and accelerate the progress of education in this country.

Today, under their tireless dedication to this mission statement, the company enjoys access to more than 18,000 publishers and close to 3 million titles.

Today the entrepreneurial prowess of the Heise’s has taken a fresh and visionary path into the realm of eBooks and other rich, digital resources. 2010 saw the initial phases of this initiative with the development of MackinVIA, an online digital resource portal drawing from their own Mackin cloud. Fall of 2012 saw the launch of their Android and iPad apps making it even more convenient for students and educators to access their materials on the hardware platforms that are part of education today.

Randal Heise continues to not only motivate the 400 plus team members at Mackin Educational Resources, but speaks on behalf of Mackin and the future direction of education to audiences nationwide.

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