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TeacherCast App Spotlight: “MentorMob” (@MentorMob @MMVincanity)

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Jeff sits down with Vince Leung from MentorMob to discuss how teachers and students can take advantage of there Peer-to-Peer learning platform.



About MentorMob

MentorMob is an internet startup whose vision is to make education free for the entire world within the next 4 years. Founded by two Chicagoans with startup experience in the Bay Area, they’ve brought the Silicon Valley paced model back to the Windy City! MentorMob is a for-profit company who has developed a patent pending Peer-to-Peer Learning platform that will truly crowd-source learning making it free for users. “The Mob” is set to shake up the current education system and create true social change….come along for the ride.

Information is more accessible today than ever before. Even with the world at our fingertips and 24/7 access to experts everywhere, we find ourselves in a bind. We know there is great, free content out there that we could use to learn just about anything. We also know that for every great article or video on the Internet there are 100,000 terrible ones to beat it to the top of the search engine results. Seeded from this frustration and fueled with the mission to change the way people access and learn from Internet content, MentorMob is bringing sense to all of this disorganization of valuable information.

Creating Learning Playlists is a free and easy process. Not only does it show the world what you know, but it opens your knowledge to people who share your skills so they can help you refine it by adding and editing your Learning Playlist. Creating and editing Learning Playlists opens the door to being able to share your skills and get feedback from those who share your passion. So finally, we can get some real organization when learning online because after all, it’s not up to the Internet to make learning free and accessible to the world, it’s up to us.

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Featured Guest

Vince Leung 150Vince Leung graduated from the University of Illinois with a strong desire to build something and do some social good in the process, but he didn’t know exactly how to make that happen. MentorMob, a crowdsourced learning platform that gives remarkable people the ability to share the best online learning content available, is that something. As co-founder and CTO, Vince and his team have grown MentorMob from an idea to a thriving startup with users from all over the world.



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