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TeacherCast App Spotlight: Kickboard (@Kickboardapp)

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Jeff sits down with Jennifer Medbery to discuss how Kickboard is helping to positively transform the behavior of students across the world and help teachers provide better learning environments in their classrooms.


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About Kickboard

Kickboard was created by educators, for educators. CEO Jennifer Medberyfounded the company after spending three years in the classroom where she noticed the need for a solution that could allow her and her colleagues to surface and share evidence of student performance and use it to inform real-time instructional decisions and interventions. More than 200 schools nationwide have adopted Kickboard school-wide to capture, analyze and safely share student performance data and improve data-driven teaching, facilitate collaboration across classrooms and advance a culture of performance.

Kickboard aims to promote a culture of performance in every school. We believe that accountability provides an immense opportunity to impact student achievement and create schools where collaboration, transparency, and sharing of data and best practices can empower educators to be growth-minded and results-driven. This shift requires tools like Kickboard, one centralized and secure place where teachers can track and share multiple dimensions of student performance across classrooms. With Kickboard, teachers can collaborate not just in weekly meetings, but also in real time, using accountability and data to create a positive culture shift in their school.

Kickboard is best used across an entire school, but this change can start in a single classroom. There are teacher-leaders who are ready now to lead their teams towards a performance-based culture. That is why Kickboard offers free

“Starter Accounts” to teams of up to three teachers at a school. It is the tool that will give teacher-leaders the opportunity to establish a culture of trust in their school and share students’ skill gaps, struggles and successes to enable them to grow.

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Jennifer Medbery 150Jennifer Medbery, founder and CEO of Kickboard, is a software developer who spent three years as a high school math teacher. After receiving her degree in Computer Science from Columbia University, Jen joined Teach For America, a program that recruits college graduates to teach in low-income communities. Jen then became a Founding Teacher at Sci Academy, New Orleans’ highest-performing open-enrollment high school.

Kickboard was developed out of Jen’s first-hand experience in the classroom. She and her colleagues needed a way to make better real-time instructional decisions based on data that showed which skills students knew, which they had yet to master and how student behavior impacted academic achievement.

As CEO of Kickboard, Jen drives the company’s vision, strategy and growth. The company’s mission is to equip schools and teachers with a platform that they can use to foster greater alignment, consistency and visibility across classrooms to establish or enhance a performance-driven school culture. Kickboard is thus the natural evolution of the gradebook, turning a tried-and-true teacher tool into a school’s hub of student performance and activity. Feedback from teachers at all types of schools is that it allows them to track the day to day progress of students – academic and character qualities – and make real-time adjustments to best serve students.  Currently more than 200 schools use Kickboard.

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