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App Spotlight: ClassConnect (@ClassConnectInc)

By   /   July 19, 2012  /   No Comments

Jeff sits down with Eric Simons and Jordan Hamel to discuss how Class Connect is being used to help connect educators across the world.





Featured Topics

  • Class Connect and the how it is helping teachers
  • Eric living at AOL for a month and getting caught
  • The evolution of Class Connect from Eric in High School to present day
  • How/Why teachers are using Class Connect
  • The Future of Class Connect

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Featured Guests

During his junior year of high school, Eric Simons founded ClassConnect. After graduating in 2010, he moved to California to work on the company full-time. Not too long after moving to the California, the original seed funding ran out, and Eric found himself without a place to live. Instead of moving back to Illinois, Eric decided to keep working, and sleeping, in AOL’s offices. A few months later, he was caught by an AOL security guard, but still didn’t want to pack up and go home. He raised more funding for the company, found a place to live, and has since hired five employees.




Jordan Hamel just finished her first year at UCLA and is now working with ClassConnect. She oversees the marketing for ClassConnect, and also takes care of their social media.






For the Feeder: @ericsimons40 , @ClassConnectInc @JordanHamel

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